Things Emma Says

I have been wanting to start a page of things Emma says but haven't because I keep forgetting everything.  I decided to start it anyways and update as she says them. 

Emma is the sweetest, funniest and most energetic toddler I've seen.  The things she comes up with crack me up.  I have to write them down so I can remember them when she's older. 

Emma to me: I want a new mommy. 
Mommy, I'm hungry. Ok, well we're going home so I can make dinner. No, I'm not hungry. Ok, well I'll make something else. Ok, I'm hungry. 
E:Where's Daddy? M: He's at work. E: NO! I want him to come home.  M: Do you want to call him? E: Yes, please.  ::Calling Daddy:: E: Where are you daddy? D: I'm at work. E: No, I want you to come home and hold me.  
E: There's a package!  There's a package!  Me: No, honey that's the trash truck. They're picking up our trash.  E: NO!!!  I want to keep my trash!
One day hubby and Emma were shooting the NERF gun at each other.  I reminded them that we don't shoot at people.  Well hubby shot me so I sent him to timeout, didn't want Emma thinking that it was ok to shoot people.  So once his timeout was over I sent Emma to let him out of T/O.  I told her to tell him that he had to say sorry and that we don't shoot people.  This is the conversation: E: Ok, Daddy you can get up now.  Tell me sorry.  We don't sh*t people.  Hubby: Sorry.  E: you need to say sorry for sh*tting me.  We don't sh*t people!  H: You're right Emma.  I'm sorry and I won't shoot anyone again.  

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