new things, new foods

i've been trying to get addi to take naps in her crib for awhile now and she usually lasts maybe 10 minutes.  well not today, i laid her down, asleep, and she slept for 45min!!  UNSWADDLED!!!!!  can you tell that i'm excited about that?   we are working on her sleeping without her swaddle.  this is very hard to do since she refuses to go to sleep at night without it.   we also just started putting her in her crib at night.  so far she sleeps pretty well, only waking at 2 and 530 to eat.  needless to say it's going to be a long road.  this is the only part that i'd be fine with fast forwarding otherwise the girls can stay little forever!  so if anyone has advice on sleeping unswaddled and in her crib for more than 40min, feel free to share. 
  for lunch i had addi try green beans and well, she wasn't really a fan.  she probably ate 5 bites before she refused to open her mouth.  i was impressed that she ate that much.  here's a picture of lunchtime, i even managed to get a partial smile. 

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