saturday outing

today i took the girls to the library, we had to return 18 books this afternoon. yes, 18 books! emma just loves reading books and loves when we read to her and addi. well, today we checked out even more book, i have yet to count how many. even though we've only had the books for a couple of hours we already have some new favorites. you see with the last batch of books, emma LOVED a couple of books. when i say LOVED i mean it, she would have me read the same 2 books every night.  this was emma's favorite and i had to check it out again.  i definitely recommend it, this book is a great musical book.

one of the books that i'm already enjoying is this one.  i'm always looking for fun things to do with emma to keep us entertained.  the book has over 500 activities, games, crafts and recipes for toddlers.  i already have ideas of crafts that emma and i will do in the next couple of months.  another book that i know emma and i will enjoy is about cooking.  what a great way to spend more time with her and to get her creative juices flowing!!!  tonight emma had me read a couple books 2 times each: green queen and chicka chicka 1,2,3.  i think it's safe to say she enjoys reading.

in other news, my baby is now 6months (as of july 21st)!!  she is now sitting up on her own, kind of.  she's eating solids and loves peaches and squash!!  i can't believe how fast this year is going. 
here are a couple pictures of her in her half year birthday dress, enjoy!!

upcoming posts:
-homemade ice cream
-painting with egg yolks
-cooking with emma

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