splish splash!!

so i was a very brave mommy and took the girls swimming by myself. well we went with a friend and her niece, so it was 2 adults and 3 kids 4 and under. it was addi's first time in a real pool and she LOVED it!!! we hung out in the kiddie pool and were the only ones there. poor emma didn't realize that the pool was a little deeper than ours at home and jumped right in. don't worry, her head was above water the entire time. we just had to help her to stand up. when i put addi in her floaty she whined for a second, so did i, the water was a little cold. after a second, she started kicking and chewing on her floaty. once addi fell asleep we ventured over to the big pool and emma loved swimming. can't wait to go swimming again! here's a picture of addi in the pool (emma refused to look at the camera, she's running away from me).

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