bridal show

at the beginning of august my sister got engaged, i'm so excited for them. well, she asked me to be her matron of honor, i said of course. actually i kind of assumed i was her matron of honor, no asking needed. she then asked me to help plan her wedding with her. so now i'm not only her M of H but now her coordinator and am so ecstatic! i just love weddings and everything about them.
  what's the best way to get started in planning your wedding?  that's right, go to a bridal show.  we went to a bridal show on sunday and we got so many ideas of what she wanted.  it was a long day of looking at vendors.  but we had a great time.  she even found her dress!!  can't wait to see  her in it again.
  of course i had to bring the girls with me!!  to my surprise they did great being out of the house all day long.  emma loved seeing the princesses in their pretty dresses.  she even helped straighten every dress aunt m tried on.  there were even a couple fashion shows and emma got up on stage and danced with "the wedding singer".   stay tuned for tomorrow for the video!!

emma helping

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