happy house week 1 results

almost two weeks ago i started The Happy House Express Challenge.
the first week was to make your bed everyday and to clear out your sink.  it didn't matter when those tasks happened as long as they were done that day.  well here's my progress from the first week:  6/7 for making my bed and 7/7 for clearing out my sink.  i can say i'm proud of myself for the 6/7 on making my bed, most days it's left unmade.

so now we are on to week 2 and i'm not doing that great of a job for a happy house this week.  i blame working for not having the energy to keep up this week.  this weeks challenge  is to sweep my kitchen and clear the clutter.  i figured i'd be very brave and show a before picture and at the end of the week i'll post my after.  

soon enough i'll have a very happy house!!!!

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