Happy House Week 2

Week 1 of Happy House Express Challenge  was pretty easy for me.  Seeing as I always make sure that I have my sink cleaned out at night, it makes making breakfast a lot easier.  My mom would be disappointed to know that I don't make my bed on a regular basis.  However, with this challenge I'm getting better at it, baby steps. 
Now week 2 was a little harder for me.  I HATE clutter, but it seems like my kitchen counters are always covered with stuff and my living constantly has toys in it.  I think it comes with the territory of having 2 kids.  I have to say that sweeping is always the farthest thing from my mind, but i did it i actually swept my kitchen more than once a month.  i know, gross, but i figure i should be honest. 

here are my week 2 results:
making bed: 6/7
cleaning out sink: 7/7
clear clutter: 2/7
sweep kitchen: 3/7

of course i have the before and after pictures for week 2:

now i'm working on week 3 and i'll try and update faster.  here's week 3 tasks: spray your shower and sort mail.  so see you in a couple of days with my results!!
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