Happy House Week 4 and 5

So I'm going to do my happy house posts back to back!
The last two weeks of the challenge i slacked, big time.  i'll blame it on me being sick and both the girls having pink eye.  i think i might have to re-start this challenge a little later on.   but right now i'm going to try and get my house organized and just keep up with the daily tasks.  this challenge has helped me realize it's not that hard i just have to stay committed.
weeks 4 and 5 challenges: write it down, organize your outer wear, clean the counters, and relax and enjoy your clean house.
results from the challenge:

1: Make your bed: 4/7
2: Empty the sink: 6/7
3: Clear the Clutter: 5/7
4: Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 4/7
5: Sort the Mail: 6/7
6: Spray your Shower: 3/7
7: Write it down: 2/7
8: Organize your Outerwear: 7/7
9:Clean your Counters:  6/7
10: Relax and enjoy your clean house:  2/7

well i wasn't able to enjoy my clean house that much because i slacked so much on this.  but it is what it is.  at least i got a 7/7 on my outerwear only because it has stayed organized since last year.
if you're interested on doing your own happy house challenge go here.
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