a year ago

one year ago i was pregnant and we didn't know what we were having.  we decided to have a gender reveal party and find out with our family and friends.  that morning we had the ultrasound and asked the tech to write down if it was a boy or girl and put it in an envelope for us.  during the ultrasound i watched like a hawk to see if i could get a sneak peek.  i saw nothing and our tech was sly when she looked.  as soon as our appointment was over we drove to the bakery and dropped off the envelope.  now we waited, thankfully it was just a couple of hours.  our cake was ordered and our house was clean and we were ready to cut the cake.  

Finally the time came for us to cut the cake!  So Hubby, Emma and I sat on our bench ready to cut the cake. 
It's A GIRL!!! 
As you can see the filling was PINK!  We were so happy to find out that Emma was going to have a little sister.  This was the greatest way for us to find out.  I love that our family and friends were present to find out with us.  Plus we had amazing cake to eat for a couple days. 

Tell me how you told your family/friends that you were expecting and what you were having. 
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