30 day photo challenge: day 16-25

Day 16: Long Exposure
This one was a little tricky since I have a point and shoot camera. This was during bath time. 

Day 17: Technology
Three things that make our days run smoothly.

Day 18: Your Shoes
For this one Emma I picked two different pairs of my favorite heels that I never get to wear.

Day 19: Something Orange
A day at the pumpkin patch covered this one and I also took a picture of Emma's beautiful hair. :)

Day 20: Bokeh
I had to use picnik to make this one happen.

Day 21: Faceless Self-portrait

Day 22: Hands
Best friends! (Emma and her best friend Reagan)

Day 23: Sunflare
Not sure if this is right but here it is:

Day 24: Animal
These are my girls' must haves for bed time. Kitties are Addison's and the bears are Emma's

Day 25: Something Pink
One of my favorite pink items in my house!

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