My sweet girls

My sweet Emma: 
Emma 1 Month Old

I love when all you want to do is snuggle with me.
I love the dance parties we have together. 
I love how excited you get when you see me. 
I love how you run and give me the BIGGEST hugs!
I love your red, curly hair.
I love when you go to bed, you tell me "to have sweet dreams"
Most of all I love that you're all mine! 

My Beautiful Addison:

Addison 1 Month Old

I love when you see me you get a HUGE smile on your face.
I love how cuddly you are.
I love that you're starting to give hugs and kisses.
I love that you blow us kisses over and over.  
I love that once you get in the bathtub you become happy right away. 
I love how ticklish you are. 
I love you big blue eyes.
I love when I go to lay you in bed you rest your head on my shoulder.  
Most of all I love that you're all mine!
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