'tis the season

I can't believe that it's already fall, didn't 2011 just start?  You know what that means, right?  It's time to pick out my Christmas cards.  As you read that you probably thought to yourself "wait, we've never received a Christmas card from The Holidays".  You would be correct in thinking that.  That's because I've never planned this far ahead to get them ordered.  This year will be different!
 You see I LOVE everything about the holidays.  The music, food, smells, weather, seeing family, etc.  I'm so excited for Christmas this year because Emma is old enough to get excited and it's Addi's first Christmas.  I can't wait to pick out the perfect card.  So I headed over to tiny prints to see my options.  I thought picking out what pictures I'd use was going to be the hardest part.  They have over 1000 cards to chose from, so you can see why my decision is so hard.  Thankfully they have a "favorites" button so I can remember which ones I liked more.  I think they know how great their selection is:   

Here are some of the top contenders:

As you can see most of them say "Happy Holidays" I just love having Holiday as my last name.

I'm excited to show off my family to our family and friends with these great cards. 
 What are some of your favorite things about the upcoming holidays?  Do you send out cards to your loved ones?
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