Goodbye 2011

Hello 2012!!!   I'm super excited for what this year will bring us.  I know there will be a lot of laughter and some tears.  We started 2011 as a family of 3 and ended as a family of 4.  Granted Addi was born in January.
 As I look back at last year I'm amazed at how much has happened and am sad at how fast it went.
We were so blessed to have Addi in January.  Emma turned 2 in May, I cried for awhile with her growing up so fast.  I turned 25 in August (so this year I will be in my late 20s woo hoo!)
I love that 2011 gave us so many firsts as a family.  Going to the zoo, the children's museum, the movies, the pumpkin patch, and driving around to see the Christmas lights.

While 2011 was full of so many great memories it was one of my hardest years.  I know some of it stems from having a new baby in the house and having a toddler going through the "terrible 2's". 

Throughout the year I felt like I had something to prove and HAD to be the perfect housewife and mom.  I kept telling myself other moms can do it why can't I.  I get so down on myself for not being able to keep up with housework and the girls.  There are times when the laundry piles up.  Then it sits there on couches in the basement and I have to have a "folding party".  After every folding party I tell myself I won't let it happen again and I'll finish the laundry ASAP.  That never happens.  Then there is the kitchen.  I feel like there is always dishes that need to be washed or put away.  By the end of the day I'm pooped and the last thing I want to do after the girls go to bed is housework.  However, it seems like that's the only time I can get it done.  or at least done quickly.  It's like working out, it can only take 30min out of my day so why do I put it off.  Last night I really didn't want to do the dishes from dinner but I did.  When I got up this morning it was so nice to have a clean kitchen and I LOVE that feeling.  I told myself that I wanted to start this year with a clean house and for the most part my house is clean except for our room.  So now I will have to keep it up. 
Obviously having a new baby that means my body isn't the same.  I hate how I feel in clothes and how they just don't fit right.  I know the simple solution is to work out and lose the weight.  I just haven't had any motivation to do so.  I just tell myself that I can do it and I will lose the weight before her 1st birthday.  Well that is in a couple of weeks and clearly not going to happen.  I know what works for me and the best thing to do to lose the weight so why don't I do it? 
There are days that I feel like I'm the only one struggling to keep it together.  I know I'm not but it's not something you talk about.  "oh, well I feel like crying because I can't keep my living room picked up and your house is spotless"  One of my guilty pleasures is watching Desperate Housewives and there is one episode that it kind of clicked for me.  Bree has written her cookbook and is doing an interview and the lady is looking for dirt on her.  Bree asks her why that it's just a cookbook, well the reporter says that her life can't be as perfect as she lets on.  Bree says something like this: "We're all barely hanging on and we all think we're alone.  And there's always a chance to get something right even if it's just a casserole."   There were/are days that it's so true at least I can make a great meal for my family to enjoy.  :)

Thank goodness for my wonderful hubby who tells me it's not a big deal and to not be so hard on myself.  This year I'm going to try to not be so hard on myself.  I'll still try to be perfect and will want my house to look spotless, even though it won't.  I'll still have the intentions of working out and that may or may not happen.  Even with my blog, I'll want to post more and still struggle coming up with topics to talk about.  I'll at least have a post for Wordless Wednesdays, that's easy I don't have to think about a topic I just have to pick some of my favorite pictures from that week.

I've been wanting to write this post for some time and just couldn't think of the perfect words.  I know this isn't perfect but it's me. 
I'm excited to see what the new year brings.  I have a lot of things on my to-do list starting with planning Addi's 1st birthday.  Someone bring me a tissue because I'll probably be crying on the 21st.  I'll need another one on May 25th when Emma turns 3!

I hope you're 2011 was great and enjoy the new year!  What are some things that you're going to work on this year?  I promise to have a post of how our holidays went and Addi's first Christmas but for now this one took priority. 
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