Addison at 13 months

The other day I was thinking "Wow, I can't believe that Addi will be 13 months on Tuesday and it's so far away."  Why do I forget how fast time flies by these days? 

My sweet baby girl is another month older and has grown so much in the past 13 months. 

Addi is now walking and walking and walking.  It amazes me how quickly she figured it out, she started taking more than 3 steps at a time on Valentine's day and now she's roaming the house.  Just the look on her face is priceless,  she's so excited that she's doing it on her own. 

Right now we are in teething hell.  Well actually towards the end of this teething cycle.  Addi goes to bed just fine and will wake up crying a couple hours later.  Which really isn't that big of a deal since we're still awake, it just makes it hard to unwind and relax.  I thought she was done when she slept through the night and even slept until 9am.  I was wrong, last night she thought it was a  good idea to wake up at 3am.  I tried rocking her but it didn't work and I didn't have the energy to rock her so we came out and watched a show.  I guess the Biggest Loser isn't boring enough because she stayed up watching it with me and even got down to play.  I wasn't going to stop her, I wanted her to wear herself out.  Thank goodness she went to bed right after.  Man do I hope that she'll be sleeping through the night again. 
Teething is hard work

Addi just loves and adores her big sister Emma.  I love that they've already had a few moments of sibling rivalry.  It cracks me up that when one is done with a toy the other wants it and the second they get their hands on it the first freaks out.  Usually it's Emma who gets upset because "Addi took her toy".  Oh how fun it is to get a 2.5year old to understand that she HAS to share with her sister. 

So far this year has been amazing!   I can't wait to see the girls grow even more throughout this year. 

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