Happy March 1st!

How is your year going so far?  Can you believe it's already March? 

Addi decided that 530am was a great time to get up and play this morning.  So not only did I miss out on my sleep but my run this morning.  I refuse to let that get me down so I'm turning today into a productive morning. 
Going to help mommy blog :)

So far the kitchen and dining room are clean.  I even mopped, woohoo!  Laundry is about to be folded and put away.  Meanwhile Emma is playing with the broom trying to sweep the floors because she wants to help me clean. She keeps trying to sweep the kitchen and I have to remind her that the floor is wet so she has to stay out.  Now I'm going to see if she wants to help me dust.  I'm off to get her a dusting cloth.  Hope you all are having a great Thursday! 
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