Stopping By

It's been awhile since I've posted any updates.

Addi is 15months now.  She's running all over the place and just loves her big sister, Emma.  She's our little observer.  She will sit and watch us all day and then mimic us.  She constantly cracks me up.  For example tonight she grabbed a bowl (we used this from Halloween candy) that was in Emma's room and set it down by me and then proceeded to sit in it and rest her head on my lap. 

My silly girl passed out on my lap.
She put her own "makeup" on. (marker)

Emma will be 3 in less than 2 months but if you ask her she likes to tell people she's 4 or 5.  When we ask her how old we are she tells me that I'm 5 and Daddy is 21.  She's excited for her birthday on "May 25th."  I'm still trying to decide what theme her party will be.  Maybe something with princesses or ballerinas.  She just knows everything these days and her favorite word is "huh?" My Emma is a spitfire and full of energy. 
A little blurry but that's what you get when they move. 

There are days that I wish I had a video camera recording us so we can look back and see how they used to be and to never miss a moment.  I know in a few years I won't remember most of the things they say or do.  So now I have to try and write them down so I'll never forget. 

With me I have stated before that I've taken time for myself.  Right now I have joined a group of my friends, my January Mommas, in our second 10w fitness challenge.  I have just hit day 95 with tracking my calories and workouts.  Hubby and I have started Insanity and I LOVE it!! We just finished our second week so on Saturday is our 'Fit Test' to see how well we're doing.  I'm excited to see the progress we've made.  On top of that I've been doing Couch to 5K.  I never thought that I would enjoy running as much as I do.  I have signed up for my very first 5K and I'm ecstatic, it's April 28th.  Since January I've lost 20 pounds and possibly more, I weigh in on Sunday.  So wish me luck on April 28th as I run/walk my first 5K. 

What new and exciting things are you and your family planning on doing this year? 
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