New Clothes For Emma

Hubby and I decided that it was time to get rid of the baby stuff that was just taking up space.  So I decided to find a consignment sale and sell everything.  It was quite the process getting everything ready to sell.  Baby clothes, strollers, swing, bouncy seats, play mat, etc.  I signed up for a Saturday 9am volunteer shift.  I was up until 4am the night, well morning before I was scheduled to volunteer and drop everything off. So I had a nice nap before going in. I was so excited to get rid of everything and a little nervous that no one else would want our stuff.  The sale started a couple days later and I was able to see what sold at the end of each day.  I'm not going to lie it was very nerve wrecking waiting.  I was so excited to see that our strollers sold the first two days.  All of our big stuff sold in the sale and most of the clothes.  I still have a lot of clothes left, come on I was selling newborn-18m sizes.  I've now signed up for a second sale, hoping to sell the rest of the clothes, starting in September.  I learned my lesson with the fist sale, start and finish early.  That way I can go through their rooms again and find anything that they no longer use and add it to the sale. 

With the first consignment sale I went shopping for Emma.  I bought her a "new" Fall wardrobe for under $80.  Don't get me wrong I'll probably get her more clothes because I just love buying them clothes.  Thankfully Emma is the only one in need of clothes, Addi should be able to wear Emma's smaller clothes.  Emma was ecstatic when I showed her the clothes. 

So here's the list:

: 13 new shirts (one in the wash)
: 4 pair of pants (3jeans and 1 leggings)
: 2 zip up hoodies, 1 sweatshirt (her favorite piece) 1 vest
: 2 long nightgowns, 5 sets of pjs
: Husker Cheerleader outfit
For Addi :
: 3 piece pjs
: Blue jumper with shirt and pants.

and not pictured: they each got a pair of shoes. 

I am so excited for fall now and can't wait to see Emma in her new clothes! 

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