Post Anniversary

Our anniversary was this past weekend and we had a great day.  The four of us got up and made breakfast: waffles, eggs, and sausage.  Emma even helped me make coffee.  Once we were ready we went to the farmers market to walk around and spend time outside as a family.  Plus hubby wanted to find some hot peppers. By hot peppers I mean the hottest peppers EVER!  We found them and then got some kettle corn for the girls and grandparents to enjoy while we were on out on our date.  Emma even got saw a cute kitty and a puppy, she loved the kitty and refused to leave. 

After the farmers market we dropped the girls off at the grandparents house.  When we got there they had an anniversary gift for us and even a little something for the girls.  (If you follow us on Twitter you've already seen this next picture)
I still can't get over how cute these chairs are!

Hubby and I decided to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and buy Hunger Games since it just came out.  I'm so excited to watch it again.  Maybe I'll watch it one night that hubby has to work late :).  We wanted to go to dinner and a movie next.  So to Bonefish it was for drinks and appetizers.  Hubby was a little more hungry so he ate dinner and I drank my yummy Pomegranate martini.  We missed the first showing at 5 so decided to go to the 7.30 we had time to waste. so we decided to go have dessert at Carraba's before the movie.  By the time we got there and were sitting I became hungry so I ate dinner.  We saw Hope Springs, what a great movie and part of it was even set here in Omaha. 
Later that night we were trying to think of something EPIC to do.  Hubby mentioned Geocaching and I immediately said YES!  We've never gone geocaching before but have wanted to in the past.  So at midnight we left to go find some "treasures".  Note to self: when you're a little afraid of the dark don't go geocaching.  Most of them are in the middle of nowhere.  We didn't find any that night so it was frustrating.  We decided that we would try again another day. 

So before we even left the house that day I gave hubby his present: 
6th Anniversary gift is candy.
He loved it and said I was very creative!  I never realized how dirty candy can be until I put this together.  It was also kind of gross buying all of this candy since we're getting better at eating clean.  It was worth it though and I'll probably make him one for Father's day. 
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