Let's Make Rice!

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who can't make rice. I figured I would be a great friend and show her how to make it. Then I got to thinking and came up with a great idea: have the girls show her!

1: Smile for the camera with a cup of rice or get out your rice maker if there isn't a camera around
2: Poor in a cup of rice.
3: Add 1.5cups of water.
4: Stir rice and water (you might want to use a spoon Addi thought her hand was better)
1: Put bowl in the rice maker and close the lid.
2: Push the button down to turn it on and start cooking.  Wait about 45min...
3: Once the rice maker turns off wait an extra 5min and serve with the rest of your meal. 

If you have anything you can't make, easy for everyone else, that you'd like us to try let me know.  The girls love helping in the kitchen. 

***We are not rice making experts***
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