My Christmas Wishlist 2012

1: New Outfit 
 I love everything about this outfit!  I think since having kids I've my personal style has gone downhill.  I've been slowly adding pieces to my wardrobe but it's hard to find things that fit right or that I really like.   
2: Mom's necklace
  A friend of mine makes these and I love this one.  Picture it with an E and an A and nothing on the bird, super cute!

3: Fuel Band 
 I've had my eye on one of these for awhile and think it will help me lose the lbs and keep up on my progress.      

4: Fur Vest
 This vest is amazing and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

5: Yoga Pants 
 Since I LOVE working out, it's almost time for new yoga/running pants and these are perfect!

6: Apron
 Since most of my days are spent cooking it's time momma has her own apron.  I love this style!

7: Riding Boots
 Do I really need to say how amazing these boots are?  They would go great with just about everything.

8: Watch
Since Addi thought mom's everyday watch should go swimming in the toilet it's time for a new watch.  I love the different colored numbers and the white band.  

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