Preparing for Family Pictures

We're getting our family pictures taken tomorrow so I've been trying to come up with the perfect outfit for all of us.  I went from having the outfits picked out in my head and then pulling them out and putting them together and then realizing they looked funny or were off somehow.  Last year I picked out the girls outfits first and then ours.  This year I figured it would be easier to pick mine out first and then theirs.  I'm glad I did that because it's always a million times easier to pick out clothes for them than it is for me to find clothes that work for me.

Hubby and I went shopping last night to find shirts for them.  I decided to go with blues and tans.  Like I've stated before Emma's favorite color is blue.  I knew she would wear a blue shirt since it was a guarantee she would actually wear what I want her to.

This morning I showed the girls their tops and almost immediately Emma points to Addi's top and says "OOO I want to wear  that one!"  Me: Emma the blue one is yours.  Emma: Well, blue IS my favorite color but I'm going to wear that one ::pointing to Addi's cream colored top::  Then of course Addi comes over and says she's going to wear the blue one.  She then proceeds to point to the blue one "Mine" points to the cream one "Emma's"  This goes on a few more times and then I finally say "Sorry to disappoint but you're not getting your way" hand them the shirts and walk away.  Today it isn't worth my energy to argue with them but you better believe I'll get them in their shirts.

Now that we have our clothes figured out I'll be holding my breath that they'll cooperate long enough to get a few good pictures.  I'm hoping for some pictures like these:

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