Dear Teething

You SUCK! Teething is NO fun!!
I always say how I wish I could freeze time so my girls don't grow up in the blink of an eye.  That doesn't include teething.  I can skip this part and seeing her in pain.  I feel so bad for my sweet baby girl and wish I could help her teeth come out.  The past few nights have been brutal.  Thankfully when we do get her asleep she sleeps for a couple of hours and we're able to get some sleep.  Poor girl has been so tired and cranky.  She's had a fever on and off and a non stop runny nose and the drool!  How is it possible she can produce so much drool? I should attach towels to her to dry the floors. 
Teething is hard work. 

We really didn't want to move her but napping on the floor was out of the question. 

My fingers are crossed that they will pop through in the next couple of days and I'll get my smiley baby back.   

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