Addi is 10 months old

As it gets colder out I get teary eyed.  Why?  It's because it has hit me just how fast this year has gone by.  I feel like it was just yesterday that our sweet Addison Mae was born but nope it was 10 months ago.

I've tried to take in every moment and make note of them so I don't forget them. 

In the past month she has started to crawl like a real baby, but prefers army style.  She'll wave "hi" to you when you say "hi Addi" and just looks at her little fingers waving.  She can pull herself up on anything, so exciting to see her do this.

Addi just loves bath time and gets super excited when we go in the bathroom.  Her favorite room to play in is Emma's.  She pulls out every stuffed animal and toy and throws them on the floor.  I guess she has to see her options before picking the right toy.

I have a feeling that we'll be packing the jumper away in the next couple of months.  As much as I like to contain her so I can get cleaning done the girl loves to be free. 
Jay and I are wondering when she's going to start walking, we're still waiting for her to scale the furniture.
We're looking forward to what she'll learn in the next month and seeing her grow. We love watching the girls play together!

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