Emma's First Haircut

I thought it would be awhile before this day came.  We decided the toddler mullet had to go!  So J called his sister and we went in today and got it cut.  We told Emma that Aunt S was going to cut her hair tomorrow and all night she kept saying that she wanted Aunt S to cut her hair.  She was so excited and I was nervous that I was going to cry.  Surprisingly I didn't!

Emma was super excited she kept dancing around the salon waiting for Aunt S to start.

We had to take a before picture with Aunt S!  Emma was so patient and just sat there looking at herself and Aunt S in the mirror.  Before she started S asked Emma if she was ready to get her haircut.  

S and I talked about bangs for Emma and so she showed me but clearly Emma didn't like the idea of bangs.  

After her hair was cut S washed it and boy did Emma love that!  Emma hit her time limit with sitting still once the blow dryer came out.  Over all, Emma had so much fun and loved getting her hair done today.  I was very tempted to get Addi's hair trimmed but I'm so not ready for that, maybe in a couple of years.
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